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Enterprise Content Management

ECM Defined

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an industry term that encapsulates the strategies and tools used to capture, store, and manage corporate content.
Enterprise represents departments across the entire corporate structure that glean efficiencies from an ECM solution.
Content represents the corporate data and documents (hardcopy or electronic) that are effectively ingested into an ECM solution.
Management represents the various storage, preservation, and delivery methods governing the ingested content.



Quadax’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Services provide valued document capture and management solutions to the healthcare industry. The solutions are comprehensive and tailored to each clients’ specific document management needs. Generally speaking, ECM solutions encompass scanning, eDocument capture, application interfaces, indexing protocol, workflow, and various other document management features. Our expert ECM Professional Services team develops customized solutions for a variety of business requirements.

Quadax's strategic partnership with Hyland Software is fundamental to our ECM offerings. As a long-time reseller of Hyland's OnBase®, Quadax has the knowledge and certifications necessary to successfully deploy an integrated solution.

ECM in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has readily embraced Quadax’s ECM offerings in their efforts to increase efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance. Our ECM solution allows clients to consolidate documents from discrete electronic and hardcopy systems into a centralized, searchable repository. The centralized repository is accessible through application interfaces, making exception resolution a snap. Workflows drive ingested documents to back-office billing hands, following customized business-process-management (BPM) rules.

Quadax also offers canned solutions to meet the needs of the Laboratory and Pathology industry.

ECM Service Models

Quadax offers the ECM system in the following models:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model

The SaaS model is popular with clients because it requires little capital to initiate and only a modest operational budget to cover monthly fees. Under this model, clients gain a feature-rich ECM solution without capital outlay for software licensing, IT infrastructure, and IT personnel. The SaaS model is hosted from Quadax’s Tier-4 data center, with storage and communications structured to support both large and small businesses. Access to the ECM system is through a browser-based thin client and Web server interfaces.

Premise-Installed Model

A premise-installed model is also available. This model requires clients to provide their own IT infrastructure, license applicable software, and maintain annual support agreements.

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