August/September 2010 Newsletter
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Ohio Medicaidís New Web Portal
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August/September 2010 Newsletter

Ohio Medicaid’s New Web Portal

By: Candace Wintering, Manager, TechComm Services

Author's pictureOhio Medicaid (ODJFS) is implementing its new Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS) Web Portal in December 2010 with many online features that promise to speed up existing processes. Details on all the capabilities have not been released yet, but here are several of particular interest to our Quadax clients.


All claims up to three years old will be accessible in the system, regardless of the submission method (by paper claim, through EDI, or through the MITS Web Portal). Claims associated with a provider number can be viewed online by searching by criteria such as Status, ICN, Claim Type, Client ID, Date Paid, and more. The Web Portal offers small providers the ability to submit claims online, but the preferred method is still through a clearinghouse like Quadax.

Provider enrollment

Provider enrollment will be an online-only process through MITS; paper applications will no longer be accepted after MITS is implemented. Documents that are required to prove licensure and certification can be uploaded with an online application, and providers will be able to check the status of applications through the system. In addition to enrolling online, providers will be able to update their profile with information that will be necessary for periodic re-enrollment.
Note: ODJFS recommends that all providers check the accuracy of their information before MITS implementation. To verify group membership information, contact the ODJFS Medicaid Provider Enrollment Unit at 1-800-686-1516.

Hardcopy claim format

A significant change will be the acceptance of UB-04 hardcopy claim forms for Institutional billing. Other accepted claim formats will be the CMS-1500 (08-05) for Professional billing and the ADA 2006 for Dental claims.


After MITS implementation, the actual NPI for referring/attending providers will be required on claims, even if a practitioner is not a participating provider. Using the generic “dummy ID” 9111115 will cause claim denials.

Training for the new system

Numerous seminars and webinars will be offered this fall to educate users on the functionality and features of the MITS Web Portal. Providers and support staff are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities so they are prepared for implementation. All sessions will be offered free of charge. Check http://jfs.ohio.gov/mits/index.stm this fall for the schedule and registration for the training sessions.

Updates on MITS

The MITS Web site at http://jfs.ohio.gov/mits/index.stm will continue to provide the latest news on the transition to the new site. As updates and enhancements become available, they will be posted there. Try to stay current on the latest news so you are prepared for implementation. Quadax will continue to provide updates on major changes that impact our clients.

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