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Revenue Cycle Management for Labs

Let the Quadax team of experts design an outsourced billing solution for your practice.

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Quadax specializes in managing the revenue cycle of laboratories, including reference labs, outreach labs, biotech labs, and clinical labs. In fact, laboratory billing constitutes the largest segment of our business!

We know how to maximize revenues in the laboratory environment. Our strategies include:

  • Streamlining high volumes of transactions
  • Locating the source of underperforming receivables
  • Identifying and quantifying referral problems at the physician and test level
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of salespeople
  • Evaluating net return on routes
  • Identifying underperforming clients for further attention
  • Pinpointing the financial impact of business decisions

The HARP A/R management system, our own billing software, incorporates many features designed to meet the challenges of medical laboratories, such as client billing, compliance editing (NCD/LCD, CCI, 72-hour rule, ABN, duplicate claims), and both institutional (UB) and professional (CMS-1500) claims. The extensive management reports include days in A/R, referral tracking, allowance monitoring by payer contract, and much more. See the advantages of outsourcing with Quadax.

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