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Our People

The foundation for our success is the collective dedication, expertise, and integrity of our employees. Quadax employs specialists in these categories and more.

Customer Service

Service is the number one priority at Quadax. Our service representatives are in constant communication with clients, listening to their needs and concerns and developing appropriate responses. Clients can speak directly with a representative in our call centers, or for more involved issues, our service reps can travel to clients' sites.

Systems Analysts and Product Development

Our analysts and product developers design technologies that help clients maximize productivity and reduce expenditures. Since they work in-house, they are able to engineer solutions as the need arises and customize them for clients.

Programming and Interface Development

The software programmers make the designs a reality, and the interface developers integrate our software with clients' current business systems. Our large programming staff allows us to implement changes very quickly.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance department rigorously tests our software before it is released to verify that it conforms to our high standards for functionality, usability, and reliability. They work closely with the technical staff and users to ensure business goals will be met.


The implementation staff is involved from the time a client first selects Quadax as their solution provider. They analyze the client environment and develop a system that optimizes workflow and resources. At implementation time, the team goes to the client's site to install the software, perform the initial configuration, and provide training.

Technical Support

We take a team approach to customer support, drawing on the expertise of many departments to solve problems. The support staff not only helps when issues arise, they also proactively design custom solutions for clients' unique requirements.

Technical Communication

Our technical communicators produce the software manuals, release notes, Web pages, getting-started guides, and more. Their job is to make the technology understandable to users.

Coding, Billing, and Insurance Follow-up

Our production staff consists of experts in healthcare billing and insurance. Certified coders are employed in accounts receivable management to ensure that maximum reimbursement is obtained for services performed.

Provider Relations

The Provider Relations department registers providers with insurance companies and assists with setting them up for electronic transactions.

Reimbursement Support Services

Patient advocates work directly with patients to help them make informed decisions prior to having a new, state-of-the-art test, and then guide them through the steps for obtaining payment from their insurance.


The compliance team ensures that our employees and technologies are in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Every employee is responsible for maintaining compliance in their daily jobs.

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