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Lab Compliance

Quadax specializes in managing the revenue cycle of laboratories, including reference labs, outreach labs, biotech labs, pathology labs, and clinical labs. Since laboratory billing constitutes the largest segment of our business, our staff is focused on staying on top of industry changes that affect labs. Quadax teams regularly review new regulations, payer guidelines, and other requirements to ensure we are in compliance.

The following are links to information pertinent to laboratory practices.*

Professional Organizations for Labs
American Association for Clinical Chemistry
American Clinical Laboratory Association
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
American Society for Clinical Pathology
Association for Molecular Pathology
Clinical Laboratory Management Association
College of American Pathologists
National Independent Laboratory Association
Personalized Medicine Coalition
OIG Model Compliance Plans
Clinical Laboratories
Medicare Learning Network Guided Pathways-Provider Specific Booklet for Laboratory Resources
Quadax Newsletter Articles for Labs
FDA Regulation of LDTs (Nov. 2014)
Fraud Alert: Lab Payments to Referring Physicians (Aug. 2014)
OIG Report: Questionable Billing for Medicare Part B Clinical Lab Services (Aug. 2014)
Billing Updates for Hospital Outpatient
Clinical Lab Tests
(May 2014)
Extensive Changes to Medicare Policies for Labs
(May 2014)
Patient Direct Access to Lab Results (Feb. 2014)
CMS Bundling Payments for Outpatient Clinical Lab Tests (Feb. 2014)
MolDX Program Updates (Nov. 2013)
CMS Proposed Rule Impacts Laboratory Payments (Aug. 2013)
Molecular Pathology Codes: CMS Posts MAC Prices (May 2013)
Molecular Pathology Codes: Reimbursement Concerns (Feb. 2013)
BlueCard Program: Spotlight on Reimbursement Support Services (Feb. 2013)
BlueCard Program Update (Nov. 2012)
BlueCard Program Update for Independent Labs (Aug. 2012)
Molecular Pathology Procedure Codes (Aug. 2012)
BlueCard Program (May 2012)
Updates to the MolDx Program (May 2012)
The Evolving MolDx Program (Feb. 2012)
AMA Begins Advancing Molecular Pathology Procedure Codes (Feb. 2012)
MolDx Program (Dec. 2011)
CLIA and HIPAA Proposed Rule to Permit Patient Access to Lab Test Reports (Nov. 2011)
HARP for Labs (Nov. 2008)
Medicare Competitive Bidding (Nov. 2007)

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