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Newsletter articles and bulletins from 2004 and later are listed under the following topics:

EDI Services

Get Control of Your Revenue Cycle with Dashboard May-16
Quadax EDI Is a KLAS Act May-16
Epic and Quadax Team Up to Offer Accelerated Claim Reconciliation Feb-16
Integrated Coverage Validation Nov-15
Xpeditor User Conference May-15
Medicare ICD-10 End-to-End Testing Announced Nov-14
Quadax EDI ICD-10 Updates Nov-14
Xpeditor User Conference Aug-14
EDI Services ... Service is Who We Are Aug-14
Quadax Again Achieves EHNAC Healthcare Network Accreditation Jun-14
EDI Services Annual Report May-14
Case Study: Faster Reimbursement, Greater Efficiency and Productivity Nov-13
Quadax EDI ICD-10 Testing Nov-13
EDI Services Summer Summit Aug-13
Xpeditor User Conference May-13
EDI Prepares for ICD-10 May-13
Annual Awards to Quadax EDI Staff Feb-13
EDI Annual Report Feb-13
Open Letter to EDI Clients Feb-13
We Do Aug-12
5010 Transition Recap May-12
The 50.10 Experience Feb-12
2011 EDI Services Annual Report Feb-12
2011 EDI Employee of the Year and Unsung Heroes Feb-12
Stuck in the Middle of 5010 Remit Transition Nov-11
Down the Stretch: ANSI 5010 Is Almost Here Nov-11
Life on the Road - The 2011 Quadax EDI User Conference Aug-11
ANSI 5010 Transition - Where We Stand Aug-11
Strategic Partnership with EHR Aug-11
Quadax Helps Clients Prepare for ANSI 5010 May-11
A Look in the Mirror: How Ready Are You for ANSI 5010? Feb-11
We've Saved the Best for Last: Denial ManagementX Decision Support Feb-11
EDI Services State of the Department Feb-11
EDI Services and Employee of the Year Feb-11
Tribute and Transition Aug-10
Peanut Butter & Chocolate…Xpeditor & Axis Aug-10
Axis™ by Quadax Is Now AHA RACTrac-Compatible Jun-10
XP User Conference 2010 May-10
Sometimes It's the Stuff You Don't See May-10
Audit Control Xtensions Feb-10
EDI Services State of the Department Feb-10
EDI Services Employee of the Year and Unsung Heroes Feb-10
Quadax Transition to ANSI 5010 Nov-09
Effective RAC Management with Audit ControlX May-09
Xpeditor User Conference 2009 May-09
Future Requirements for Institutional Billing May-09
2008 EDI Employee of the Year Feb-09
EDI State of the Department 2009 Feb-09
Xpeditor Top Ten List for 2009 Feb-09
Preparing for the RAC Program Feb-09
Portal Changes Nov-08
ASP Claims Nov-08
Evolution of New EDI Clients Nov-08
Xpeditor Five Series Aug-08
Event to Remember: Templates Aug-08
NDC Recap Aug-08
2008 Xpeditor User Conference Jun-08
EHNAC Accreditation 2008 Jun-08
Suppressing Legacy Provider Numbers May-08
Event to Remember: Templates May-08
EDI Services Survey Results Feb-08
EDI State of the Department Feb-08
EDI Employee of the Year Feb-08
Event to Remember Aug-07
Xpeditor Reporting Aug-07
Batch rejects, scraping nuances, and more Aug-07
UB-04 Admission Source Field Aug-07
Xpeditor Enterprise User Conference May-07
Event to Remember: Part 2 Feb-07
EDI State of the Department Feb-07
EDI Employee of the Year Feb-07
Xpeditor Implementation Team Nov-06
Faster and Faster Aug-06
Quadax EDI Makes the Grade Aug-06
Keeping the Lines of Communication Open…Longer Aug-06
Creating an Event to Remember Aug-06
The EDGE May-06
Accelerated Secondary Claim Processing May-06
Learning the Language of Business May-06
Xpeditor in 2006 Feb-06
Understanding Xpeditor Edits Feb-06
Quadax Difference Nov-05
National Provider Identifier (NPI) Aug-05
New version UB04 on drawing board Aug-05
Policy Papers Available Aug-05
Remittance conversion to 835 4010A1 Aug-05
EDI Xpeditor User Conference May-05


Quadax Is Ready for PAMA Reporting Sept-16
CMS Issues PAMA Reporting Guidance Aug-16
PAMA Reporting Requirements Nov-15
2015 OIG Work Plan Projects May-15
Penalty for Failure to Return Overpayments within 60 Days Feb-15
FDA Regulation of LDTs Nov-14
OIG Report: Questionable Billing for Medicare Part B Clinical Lab Services Aug-14
Fraud Alert: Lab Payments to Referring Physicians Aug-14
Patient Direct Access to Lab Results Feb-14
Accounting of Disclosures Feb-14
HIPAA Privacy Rule: Accounting of Disclosures Nov-13
Health Plan and Other Entity Identifiers May-13
HHS Releases Omnibus Rule Feb-13
OIG Releases Work Plan for 2013 Nov-12
HHS Publishes Final Rule on Health Plan Identifier Nov-12
CMS Proposes Medicare Refund Rule Aug-12
Joint Initiative to Combat Healthcare Fraud
HHS Proposes New Health Plan Identifiers May-12
Interim Rule for EFTs and ERAs Feb-12
Repeal of Withholding Requirement for Medicare Payments Nov-11
HHS Announces 2012 Work Plan Nov-11
Proposed Rule to Permit Patient Access to Lab Test Reports Nov-11
National Health Plan Identifier Feb-11
OIG Work Plan 2011 Nov-10
Input Requested: Proposed HIPAA Modifications Aug-10
PPACA May-10
OIG 2010 Work Plan Nov-09
ARRA: Big Compliance Changes May -09
FTC’s Red Flag Rules Feb-09
Sneak Preview for 2008 Nov-07
OIG Declines to Promulgate Excessive Charge Final Rule Aug-07
New CMS Proposals Aug-07
Exclusion, Exception, Ejection May-07
Fight Against Medicaid Fraud Feb-07
NPI: A Complex "Simplification" Feb-07
OIG Work Plan 2007 Nov-06
HIPAA Lessons Aug-06
Medicare to Delay Payments Aug-06
HHS Publishes HIPAA’s Final Enforcement Rule May-06
OIG 2006 Work Plan Feb-06
New HIPAA Rules May-05
OIG Compliance for Hospitals Feb-05

Systems/ Operations

Browser Compatibility with Quadax Applications May-16
Information Security at Quadax Nov-14
Scheduled Maintenance Feb-11
Who is Gomez—And Why Do We Like Him? Feb-10
Common Sense Security Reminders May-08
New Data Center Feb-08
Upgrades: Latest and (Sometimes) Greatest Feb-07
Passwords for ASP Portal Nov-06
System Upgrades Feb-06
Patient Advocacy Nov-05
Computer Security Aug-05
Passwords Feb-05
System Uptime Aug-05

A/R Services

Save Time by Launching OnBase® Workflow from Show Documents May-16
RemitMax Converts a Variety of Transaction Types to ERA/835 Files Feb-16
RemitMax Correspondence Solutions Nov-15
OnBase Scanning Made Easy Nov-15
Product Spotlight: Reporting in HARP and PAS Nov-15
Let OnBase Workflow Do the Work for You! Aug-15
Quadax Introduces Premium Patient Statements May-15
Electronic Eligibility in PAS May-15
10 Years for the Patient Advocacy System May-15
Take a Look at OnBase May-15
Managing Insurance Contracts Feb-15
Can You Find Your Documents? Feb-15
Introducing IGUANA: An HL7 Interface Engine Feb-15
OnBase Outlook Integration Nov-14
RemitMax: Modernizing Your Paper Remittance and Correspondence Processing Feb-14
Spotting Trends Aug-13
Preparing Quadax A/R Applications for ICD-10 May-13
Revenue Applications Support
Call Center
Contacting HARP Support During Nonbusiness Hours May-12
RemitMax: Reengineer Your Paper Remittance Processing Nov-11
Exploring Express Scanning Nov-11
OnBase-Enabled HARP and PAS Aug-11
Analyzing the Success of Claims May-11
Shortcuts in HARP 3.0 May-11
Globalization at Quadax Feb-11
Autofilled Forms in PAS Nov-10
Convenience of MyDrBill and MyLabBill Aug-10
Make the CRS Work for You Aug-10
Transitioning HARP 1500 Claims to Xpeditor Editing Aug-10
PAS Functionality Enhancements May-10
HARP Standalone Focus: Data Backup Tapes May-10
HARP 3.0: What Inquiring Minds Want to Know Feb-10
Next Generation of HARP Nov-09
Online Payments through MyDrBill or MyLabBill
Refine Manual Receipt Posting for Productivity Gains
Formatting HARP Reports in Excel Feb-09
RAC Audit Readiness with ECM Feb-09
HARP Reports in Excel Nov-08
HARP for Labs Nov-08
Reimbursement Support Services Aug-08
PQRI Payments Aug-08
Suppressing Legacy Provider Numbers May-08
PQRI in HARP May-08
Migration to UNIX Feb-08
PAS Appeals Feb-08
Preparing HARP for the Future Nov-07
Help Desk Helps Nov-07
Sending PQRI Data Aug-07
HARP/Windows Vista Compatibility Jul-07
PQRI Jun-07
HARP Ready for New Claim Forms May-07
HARP Positioned for Changes to Claim Forms Feb-07
HARP Energized by HP-UX Aug-06
Quadax Goes to War (College) Aug-06
HARP Gears Up for NPI, Revised CMS-1500, UB-04 May-06
Let Quadax Brighten Your Financial Future May-06
HARP Evolution Feb-06
Migration Milestone Nov-05
HARP Add-on Components Manual May-05
Electronic remittance from more payers May-05
HARP Migration May-05

Payer News

CMS Updates PQRS Payment Adjustments Policy for 2017, 2018 Dec-2016
CMS Issues Final 60-Day Overpayment Rule May-16
Anthem Remittances Nov-15
Molecular Diagnostic Testing Nov-15
ICD-10 Has Arrived! Nov-15
CMS Will Relax Two-Midnight Rule Aug-15
CMS Still Working on Reporting Rules for PAMA Aug-15
Medicare and Medicaid Programs Turn 50! Aug-15
ICD-10 Transition: The Final Stretch Aug-15
Medicare Shifts to Quality-Based Payments under MACRA May-15
ICD-10 Progress and Resources May-15
On the Move with ICD-10 Feb-15
Veterans Granted Temporary Access to Non-VA Providers Nov-14
Specific Modifiers for Distinct Procedural Services Nov-14
RelayHealth Ending Ohio BWC Routing Services Nov-14
CMS News Aug-14
Staying the Course with ICD-10 Preparation May-14
SGR Delay Includes Some Surprises May-14
Extensive Changes to Medicare Policies for Labs May-14
Billing Updates for Hospital Outpatient Clinical Lab Tests May-14
Payer Connections May-14
ICD-10 Implementation Delayed Again Apr-14
MACs to Hold April 2014 MPFS Claims Mar-14
Quadax ICD-10 Transition Committee News Feb-14
Quadax Implementation of the Revised CMS-1500 Feb-14
CMS Bundling Payments for Outpatient Clinical Lab Tests Feb-14
2014 Updates to PQRS Feb-14
Tables Turning for CMS Physician Quality Reporting System Nov-13
Pathology Labs Face Medicare Payment Cuts in 2014 Nov-13
MolDX Program Updates Nov-13
Accountable Care Organizations Nov-13
Quadax ICD-10 Transition Committee News Nov-13
CMS Proposed Rule Impacts Laboratory Payments Aug-13
CMS-1500 Claim Form Revised for
Impact of Sequestration May-13
Molecular Pathology Codes: CMS Posts MAC Prices May-13
Medicare News May-13
Mixed News for Healthcare Providers in Budget Battles Feb-13
Molecular Pathology Codes: Reimbursement Concerns Feb-13
MAC Protests Fail Feb-13
BlueCard Program: Spotlight on Reimbursement Support Services Feb-13
Resources for the ICD-10 Transition Feb-13
BlueCard Program Update Nov-12
ICD-10 to Arrive in October 2014 Nov-12
CMS to Gap-Fill Molecular Pathology Codes on 2013 CLFS Nov-12
CMS Delays POS Coding Changes Nov-12
MAC Consolidation News Nov-12
BlueCard Program Update for Independent Labs
Molecular Pathology Procedure Codes
ICD-10: What's Next? Aug-12
BlueCard Program May-12
Updates to the MolDx Program May-12
ICD-10 Efforts Continue Despite Proposed Delay May-12
Molecular Pathology Procedure Codes Feb-12
The Evolving MolDx Program Feb-12
It Is Not Too Early to Plan for ICD-10 Feb-12
Planning for ICD-10 Nov-11
ICD-10 Readiness Aug-11
Resources for the ICD-10 Transition May-11
MAC Jurisdiction 15 – OH Medicare Part B May-11
Progress on the Transition to ICD-10 Feb-11
Medicaid CCI/MUE Edits Nov-10
Enforcement of PECOS Enrollment Nov-10
Transition to ICD-10 Nov-10
5010 in 2010 Nov-10
Clarification on PECOS Enrollment Deadline Aug-10
Ohio Medicaid’s New Web Portal Aug-10
Transition to ICD-10 May-10
Preparing for ICD-10 Feb-10
Qualifying the Qualifiers Nov-09
CMS Expands Editing for Ordering/Referring Providers Nov-09
Final MAC Jurisdictions Feb-09
Transitioning to MACs Nov-08
Medicare Part B News Aug-08
NPPES Updates May-08
NPPES Information for Organizations Mar-08
Correct Way to List RR Retirement Number in NPPES
NPIs for Referrals Feb-08
Railroad Medicare Claims Jan-08
Watch for New NPI Edits on Claims Nov-07
I Have A Plan… Nov-07
Medicare Competitive Bidding Nov-07
UB-04 Health Plan ID Field May-07
Medicare requires taxonomy codes for NPIs Nov-05
MSP Claims - Bankrupt Payer Aug-06
Administration of Influenza and/or Pneumonia Vaccines Aug-06
CMS Notice – Suppression of SPR May-06
Medicare Claims Processing Systems May-06
Medicare Part B Redeterminations May-06
Surrogate UPINs, HPSA modifiers Feb-06
End of an Era Feb-06
Claim Attachments Nov-05
New HPSA Modifier Aug-05
CMS Proposed Revision to CoPs May-05
IPPE for New Medicare beneficiaries May-05
Medicare B Duplicate Claims May-05
Recover Audit Contractors May-05

Corporate News

Quadax Forms Partnership with Ovation Revenue Cycle Services Feb-17
Spring Quadax Retirees May-16
Quadax Lends a Helping Hand through Hope Totes May-16
Quadax Continues to Expand Feb-16
2016 Partner Dinner: New and Noteworthy Feb-16
Fall Quadax Retirees Nov-15
Outreach: Supporting Laura's Home Women's Crisis Center Aug-15
Quadax Retirees - Judy Lopez and Dorothy Obbish May-15
Investing in Our Employees to Ensure Our Success Feb-15
Quadax Welcomes New Partners Feb-15
Quadax Community Outreach Feb-15
New Year, New Chapter for Quadax Retirees Feb-15
Valued Colleagues Retire Nov-14
Quadax is Fit-Friendly Aug-14
Quitting Time Aug-14
Quadax Expands to New Location May-14
Quadax Partners Celebrate Our Quadax Success Story Feb-14
Quadax Grows Stronger Through the Years Feb-14
Retirements from Quadax EDI Feb-14
Quadax Is “In the Pink” Nov-13
Retirement for Gloria Decillo Nov-13
Retirement Beckons Aug-13
Quadax Supports Employee Wellness Aug-13
Quadax Honors Retiree and 20-Year Employee May-13
AHA Names Quadax a Fit-Friendly Worksite May-13
Quadax Acknowledged at ACLA Annual Meeting May-13
Quadax Wears Red Feb-13
Quadax Retiree Feb-13
Make It Better Feb-13
Quadax Sponsors Reception at G2 Lab Institute Nov-12
Quadax Wears Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Nov-12
Our Latest Retiree, Evie Hobrath
Milestones for Quadax Staff May-12
New Quadax Partners Feb-12
Quadax Has Heart Feb-12
Quadax Receives American Red Cross Award Nov-11
Quadax Outreach Projects Nov-11
Quadax Recognized as Fit-Friendly Company Aug-11
Quadax's New President May-11
2011 Quadax Partners Dinner Feb-11
Quadax Outreach Nov-10
Promoting Wellness at Quadax Nov-10
Tribute and Transition Aug-10
Investing in Training, Investing in Quality Aug-10
Sue Langsdale Retires from Quadax Aug-10
Quadax Is Adapting to Meet Your Needs May-10
Recent Quadax Retirements May-10
Annual Quadax Partners’ Dinner 2010 Feb-10
Quadax Reaches Out to the Community Feb-10
Retirement of Esteemed Colleagues Feb-10
Quadax Employee Honored with Award Feb-10
Quadax Wellness Initiative: Real Results for Valued Employees Nov-09
Quadax Is Getting Greener!
Retiree Mary Campagna May-09
Quadax Retiree Feb-09
2009 Annual Partners’ Dinner Feb-09
Quadax Wellness Initiative Feb-09
Quadax Featured in Regional Magazine Jan-09
Quadax Open House Nov-08
2008 Retirees Nov-08
Tribute to Melissa Nov-08
A Moving Story Aug-08
Milestone for Quadax Feb-08
Partners' Dinner Feb-08
Crossword Puzzle Feb-08
New Home for Quadax Nov-07
In Memoriam Aug-07
EDI Opens New Facility Aug-07
Quadax Partners’ Dinner 2006 Feb-07
Quadax represented at ACEP conference Nov-06
Relay for Life 2006 Aug-06
Our Growing Quadax Family May-06
Partners' Dinner Feb-06
New Branch Office Nov-05
Phil Conard scores hole-in-one Aug-05
Relay for Life Exceeds Goal Aug-05
Relay for Life May-05
Annual Partners' Dinner Feb-05
EDI Employee of the Year 2004 Feb-05
New Faces (EDI) Feb-05
Youngstown Office Feb-05

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