Medical Necessity
Medical Necessity Datafiles

Medical Necessity Datafiles

The software you use to check medical necessity is only as good as the data that supports it. We make sure the Quadax Medical Necessity Datafiles are up to date and comprehensive because we are our own biggest consumer. We rely on accurate, well-documented data for our EDI Clearinghouse and Managed Receivables operations.

The Quadax team of billing experts carefully examines Web sites, program memoranda, and other communications from CMS, Carriers, Fiscal Intermediaries, and MACs. Additions, changes, and deletions are implemented and documented on a regular basis. Each month, new files containing all policy data (LCD and NCD) are distributed to our Datafile subscriber clients along with change documentation. Files can be delivered to you by e-mail or FTP. And, when you have questions, we’re here to help; helpful, responsive service is what sets us apart from everyone else in the field.

Quadax currently provides datafiles formatted appropriately for loading into several prominent Laboratory Information Systems, including products by SCC Soft Computer.

Keeping track of and interpreting medical necessity policy data is a complicated business. Rely on the Quadax team of experts to do it for you!

Medical Necessity Datafiles ICD-10 FAQ

Quadax Medical Necessity Datafiles ICD-10 Transition Plan

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