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Revenue Cycle Management

Do you want to minimize your revenue cycle while maximizing your reimbursements? Let the Quadax team of experts design an outsourced billing solution for you. Our team includes professionals with expertise in service design, interface development, compliance, and third party requirements. Our specialty is managing the revenue cycle of laboratories.

Why outsource with Quadax?

Improve your cash flow

Outsourcing helps you achieve a faster turnaround on payments and reduces days in A/R. Charge posting, claim generation, remittance processing, and invoicing are automated processes that are integrated into our comprehensive A/R management system.

Rely on the experts

The Quadax team is at the forefront of the medical billing industry and applied technologies. You can be assured that your account is managed by experts in third party requirements, claim scrubbing, regulatory compliance, electronic transactions, system interfaces, and data security.

Stay informed

Our comprehensive reporting system provides the data you require. The Web-accessible reports allow you to easily monitor the status of your accounts receivable and collections. A regular teleconference with your team of representative provides an open dialog about your account's status, alerts you to any delay points, and provides a feedback mechanism.

Get proven results

With the unique combination of experience in medical billing (over thirty years!) and innovative proprietary technologies, Quadax is a leader in revenue cycle management.

For details, see what services are available for managing your revenue cycle.

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