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Do More Than Manage Your Revenue Cycle —
   Improve It!

With Electronic Transactions Management through Xpeditor Xtensions

Xpeditor is Quadax's powerful system for processing electronic healthcare transactions. At its heart is a Claims Management system that gives your business office unprecedented efficiency and control while producing cleaner claims for faster reimbursement. Hospitals and medical practices using Xpeditor have found it to be a valuable tool for maximizing productivity, reducing dependence on paper processing, and increasing cash flow. But revenue cycle management involves more than claims, so this premier system extends its value into areas across your revenue cycle, with Xtensions like eligibility transactions, denial management, and more

With Xpeditor Xtensions working together across all departments, no data falls by the wayside. And Quadax engineers have extensive experience creating interfaces between Xpeditor and Hospital Information Systems and Practice Management Systems of every sort, to post back comments and other data, completing the circle of accountability.

Our specialized implementation experts assist with best practice recommendations to fine-tune data flows for optimal revenue cycle management. Following implementation, the exceptional support offered by Quadax service teams extends Xpeditorís value further, equipping our clients to continue realizing all the benefits of the system, achieving new levels of excellence within their organizations.

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